We, at TechDogs are setting ourselves up to be, the helm of interactive, cutting edge, non-stop and up-to-date source for “All things Technology” with a UX (User Experience for those in the Non-IT speak) deliberately designed so that each one of our discerning 1 MILLION and growing opted-in global users have ultra-personalized fresh Tech content served on a savvy, easy to use, platform. A collaborative, all-in-one, ever evolving, repository of Techformation.



Sellers from across the Tech genre spectra, irrespective of their market rank, can showcase themselves and gain visibility


Using our highly evolved intent algorithm, we serve up only customized content our Users want to see without the hassle of telling us what it is they need.


Our opted-in users can interact with each other without the hassle of having to connect


Experts converge to bring to you Technology that’s new, being debated on and deliberated over
From content hosting, to our intent algorithm; from debated content, to the expertise of our publishing panel; from chatrooms to blogging, from the latest headlines to the latest webinars, we’re bringing the world of Technology to you with simply a click.
TechDogs, with our fingers on the TechPulse,
bringing you your tomorrow, today.
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