Unified Business Performance Management

Unified Business Performance Management

By Adaptive Planning
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Learn how companies streamline budgeting, reporting, analysis, and forecasting to achieve ambitious objectives.

The premise of Business Performance Management (BPM) is simple: companies can optimize performance by setting goals, monitoring progress against those goals, and quickly reacting to change. Companies that embrace BPM are able to:
consistently achieve ambitious objectives
easily identify unexpected trends
respond advantageously to outpace their competitors
If the premise and processes are so straightforward, why are most companies unable to achieve exceptional performance? Most companies engage in all the appropriate steps, however many companies have not linked these steps together into an integrated, unified financial management process. Consequently, the majority of companies face significant inefficiencies and redundancies in their financial processes.

Fortunately, the path to improved performance management does not have to be difficult. This white paper examines both the challenges of poorly integrated financial processes and the benefits of a unified approach. It also reviews technologies that enable companies to adopt BPM best practices.

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