5 Action Steps For Curing Your Inbox Zero Email Frenzy

5 Action Steps For Curing Your Inbox Zero Email Frenzy

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Inbox Zero is one of the most popular buzz words in the productivity community. Apps like the popular iPhone email client, Mailbox, make it easy for you to quickly deal with all the emails in your inbox. If you’re really overloaded, you can even use a service like Mailstrom to bulk delete emails.

The idea of declaring email bankruptcy — simply deleting everything and starting over — is being given serious consideration in some circles.

All this focus on clearing your inbox, on achieving the elusive, Inbox Zero, misses two of the fundamental problems with email overload. To truly solve your email issues you need to go beyond Inbox Zero and address the underlying problems:

Why your inbox is overflowing in the first place.
What your relationship with email is like.

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