Securing Your Network from the Inside
IT Security

Securing Your Network from the Inside

By Fluke Networks
  • Fluke Networks


Outlines common causes of security threats and how adding a portable layer of protection can help to quickly identify those threats.

Security used to be a peripheral issue for network engineers - an outside danger taken care of by other groups in the IT organization. But with the rise of peer-to-peer programs and instant messaging, and the need to comply with regulatory requirements surrounding data security, threats generated on the inside must also be addressed.

When it comes to securing your network from internal threats, there are many steps you can take to pre-empt potential risks. Using a portable tool, network professionals can investigate a suspected problem where and when it is occurring in real time — immediately taking action and closing gaps in the network when an employee is found using an improper device or application. With routine auditing, vulnerabilities in the network can also be quickly uncovered.

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