Managing the Consumerization of IT
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Managing the Consumerization of IT

By NetIQ Corporation
  • NetIQ Corporation


Mobile Access for the BYOD World: It's finally a real possibility.

Mobile technology has changed the corporate world forever. Users are determined to use their personal devices, causing a lot of security concerns for IT. Some solutions—like giving IT control or visibility into the device—are frustrating to users, but IT needs some control. Solve the problem with mobile access. In the NetIQ Flash Point Paper, Managing the Consumerization of IT: Mobile Access for the BYOD World, you'll learn:
Why current BYOD solutions don't really solve your problems
The reason so many BYOD policies fail
What to look for in a mobile access solution
Don't let the security risks and user frustration of BYOD policies continue. Read this Flash Point Paper today.

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