People Are The Greatest Organization Asset, But If And Only If
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People Are The Greatest Organization Asset, But If And Only If

By OPD International (OPDI)
  • OPD International (OPDI)


This paper emphasizes the crucial leadership role of Senior Executives in their organization and in modern society.

Success depends on good ideas effectively applied with determination. For a Senior Executive, determination is personal. The edge, that turns good to great, lies in the mind, the quality of the ideas that backs the determination and skill. This paper introduces the methodological redesign of social science to build the first scientific general theory of psychology. This new understanding is applied to define the link between the person and the organization. 

Finally, from that scientific link between people and the organization, derive a new organization design technology enabling the leadership to guide people to the greatest chance of greatest goal success and work-life fulfillment. 

A general theory of psychology applies to interpret all aspects and all outputs of humanity. Think of it as a ‘lens’ one looks through to ‘understand’. When looking through the lens, what one ‘sees’ looks different depending on the position from which one views the situation.

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