Grow From the Right Intro
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Grow From the Right Intro

By CMO Council
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Partnerships and alliances often fail, but are essential to business success. This report examines strategies and best practices for business partner matching and opportunity sourcing.

This study, based on a survey of 330 senior management executives by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, finds 42 percent of companies are not satisfied with how well they leverage their partnership and alliance potential.

Areas of exploration and discovery in the Grow From the Right Intro study include:

Role and value of strategic partnerships and alliances in contributing to corporate growth and development
Capacity to identify, qualify and secure the right introductions to relevant and valued partners and business opportunities
Challenges and complexities associated with selecting, closing and nurturing the right partnerships
Reasons for partnership failure and how to manage and maintain relationships
Types of strategic partnerships that benefit companies the most, including customer, channel, distribution, technology, strategic, financial, supply chain, outsourced manufacturing, etc.
Incidence of formal partnering strategies and how these are implemented, staffed and funded
Intentions and plans to improve networking, partnering and sourcing of growth opportunities worldwide
Channels, networks or resources that are being evaluated or used to advance business networking and relationship building
Variations in business partnering capability across industry sectors, cultures and company sizes

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