Vector Crestwood Case Study
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Vector Crestwood Case Study

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Vector’s all-in-one mobile scanning and document upload system tackles problems like blurry images and slow transmission times, said Crestwood Senior Manager of Logistics Systems Jason Meares. Also central to the Vector deployment is integration with the company’s existing suite of tech tools through both PeopleNet and TMW. Vector is compatible for scanning right from the PeopleNet Connected Tablet (PCT) in-cab display. An integration between Vector and TMW Imaging ensures that whether a document is scanned from the driver’s smartphone or PCT the image is accessible from TMW Imaging, TMW’s Fuel Dispatch application as well as proprietary dashboards. Crestwood relies on its existing imaging system to process cover sheets and load numbers scanned by Vector, which then automatically matches documents with load information in the company’s TMS. The result is enhanced images and faster upload times — even from drivers in the most remote locations — which are then efficiently ported into existing digital systems. “Effectively, you’ve got automated billing,” Meares said, thanks to the unified process.

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