Vector Buchheit Case Study
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Vector Buchheit Case Study

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Buchheit partnered with Vector to develop a solution that streamlines the entire workflow management process, from document collection to invoicing. The Vector solution offered a clear path to ROI, compared to other industry solutions, because of its simple and straightforward pricing model. This made it easy for Buchheit to justify the investment and show how the Vector solution would lead to significant cost savings.

The Vector team worked with Buchheit to customize the solution according to the company’s specific needs and information it needed to capture. This ongoing, collaborative process has resulted in continuous improvements to Buchheit’s solution that further strengthen the company’s ROI. For example, Vector integrates into TMW Systems’ Truckmate® software, so that scanned documents are automatically accessible within the Transportation Management System. This integration saves time by enabling Buchheit to cut down on manual processing and more quickly and easily see which loads are available to be invoiced.

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